Outpatient Setting

Leaders in progressive vascular treatment

Outpatient Setting

West Coast Vascular provides the most progressive, leading edge vascular treatments available today in the convenience and comfort of their offices. Our board certified specialists, whose training has been solely focused on venous and vascular disease, ensure that the treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

Since 2008, the physicians of West Coast Vascular have been performing a spectrum of vascular diagnostic and intervention procedures in an outpatient setting. This has provided the following benefits:

  • Complication rate and infection rate are close to zero
  • Office setting prevents any chance of hospital-acquired infection
  • Improved performance with vascular-specific support staff who specialize in the devices and procedures

Patients routinely express greater satisfaction with procedures performed in the office as compared to other settings due to:

  • Streamlined efficiency due to faster room turn-over and specialized support staff
  • Less Chance of being delayed by another, more emergent case, which occurs more frequently in other settings
  • More personalized care in a more intimate and less intimidating place of service
  • Patients typically spend 30-50% less time receiving the same procedure in an office setting

West Coast Vascular has three offices in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Oxnard that provide the full complement of vascular services including:

  • On-site private surgical suite and recovery center
  • On-site ultrasound imaging service by specialized vascular technicians
  • Private exam rooms for treatments and consultations


We provide patients a high level of care with private surgical suite on site, patient recovery center, exam rooms for treatment consultations, diagnostics, as well as follow up treatment after any procedures. In-House Ultrasound services give our Physicians and patients access to ultrasound imaging for better diagnostic and follow up care.

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