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Our six board certified vascular surgeons, Dr. C. Shawn Skillern, Dr. Li Sheng Kong, Dr. Sydney S. Guo, Dr. Edward N. Li,  Dr. Sara J. Runge and Dr. John T. Baber Jr. provide patients a high level of care with private surgical suite on site, patient recovery center, exam rooms for treatment consultations, diagnostics, as well as follow up treatment after any procedures. In-House Ultrasound services give our Physicians and patients access to ultrasound imaging for better diagnostic and follow up care.

Private Surgical Suite

Private Surgical Suite - West Coast Vascular

Patient Recovery Center

Recovery Center - westcoastvascular

In-House Ultrasound

Doctor Doing Ultrasound


West Coast Vascular provides the most progressive, cutting edge vascular treatments available today in the convenience and comfort of our own offices. Our six board certified vascular surgeons, Dr. C. Shawn Skillern, Dr. Li Sheng Kong, Dr. Sydney S. Guo, Dr. Edward N. Li, Dr. Sara J. Runge and Dr. John T. Baber Jr. whose training has been solely focused on venous and vascular disease, ensure that the treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

Our Mission

At West Coast Vascular our mission is to provide the highest level of overall service, vascular care, and optimal therapy to our patients and our community.

Communication, accessibility and reliability these are cornerstones for building strong relationships.


As you have witnessed in our community, there have been remarkable changes in the treatment of vascular disease. Minimally-invasive, procedures are based catheter- Often the initial treatment of choice. Complex aortic aneurysms, advanced carotid disease and severe venous disease are just some of the conditions that can be treated using minimally invasive techniques (sometimes just with a needle puncture).

Open Vascular Reconstruction

In Certain Situations, open vascular reconstruction sometimes may be the better option for patients with advanced or complex disease.

  • By being able to offer both endovascular and open surgeries, our vascular surgeons are able to combine the two techniques at the same time and perform hybrid procedures where incisions can be minimized and more disease can be treated at one time.
  • Also this can allow us to avoid having to enter major body cavities and deliver more of what’s possible.

Vascular therapy and the vascular surgeon have been redefined. We are
committed to offer the best and MOST objective vascular services, from
diagnosis and disease treatment to prevention and education.


The West Coast’s Center for Vascular Treatment
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Your arteries deliver oxygen-rich blood from your heart to other parts of your body. Your peripheral arteries carry blood away from the heart to your arms and legs.

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An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) occurs when the wall of the aorta progressively weakens and begins to bulge.

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Your carotid arteries are two main arteries that carry blood from your heart, up through your neck, to your brain.

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You may be eligible for a free one-time Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening as part of your Welcome to Medicare physical.

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An important part of a vascular service is to provide dialysis patients with a working fistula, graft, or catheter. At West Coast Vascular, we are proud to be the first in the community to offer a dedicated dialysis access center.

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Varicose Veins are visibly enlarged veins that are often bluish in color and may appear twisted. They are caused by the pooling of blood in a damaged vein and can sometimes be painful.

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