Infinite Socket Technology

Get the comfort and functionality of the world’s thinnest, lightest, dual-wall adjustable socket.

Simplicity at your fingertips – Designed for your life.

Conforming to your every step – Promoting skin health.

Custom adjustable fit, without the bulk and weight.

Unparalleled Knee Flexion – No more pinching.

Built to Last – Tested to ISO 10328 standards.


“The key difference for me is being able to wear the socket all day long with no sensitivity whatsoever on the end of my leg.”


“No matter how advanced the prosthetic foot or knee, the socket will determine your ability to use the prosthetic leg. Pain and tissue damage from conventional sockets drove me to give up wearing a prosthetic leg eight years ago. But the Infinite Socket’s design solves these problems and has opened new doors to activities of daily living, and improved my quality of life.”


The Infinite Socket™ TT-S is a human-inspired below-knee socket designed for daily adjustments. It optimizes knee flexion without sacrificing performance or aesthetics, providing new levels of force transitions that dynamically conform with the patient’s every stride.

For Below Knee amputees it features a natural profile while wearing pants, yet delivers universal adjustability for volume management while providing posterior relief.

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The most comfortable and adjustable custom socket for above-the-knee amputees. Every aspect of the Infinite TF was designed and engineered with comfort and lifestyle in mind. The Infinite TF mimics human anatomy to provide improved function, adjustability and comfort.

This product is ideal for trans-femoral patients with volume changes, discomfort, and/or at risk for skin breakdown.

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